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Collaborative technology is only the beginning.


A tool becomes a valuable solution when users adopt it to create, innovate, solve problems, plan and share. It adds value to an array of business functions and enables organizations to solve the challenges of coordinating complex and distributed teams.

Our process is customized to meet your goals. We take an agnostic approach to recommend recommend and integrate intuitive technologies for your users to work and learn together productively and efficiently anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Nureva Span

Create and collaborate on an expansive scale in a virtual, cloud based canvas on a fully interactive wall or on any device, anywhere, anytime. It’s the paper tools you’re used to, reimagined for the digital age. Teams can utilize Span to solve problems, track processes, create, edit, and share ideas in real time – whether they’re in the room or at a distance. Spontaneously invite others to collaborate further, or share your results as a PDF or Excel file.

Our deep experience and familiarity with processes including design thinking, agile, ideation, and visualization equip us to support your use of Span to create, share and plan, no matter your business. We can guide your digital transformation into an environment where information is persistent, real estate is endless, and sticky notes don’t fall off the wall.


Nureva HDL300 Audio Conferencing System

Imagine a meeting with 8,192 virtual microphones in the room. No matter where you stand, how you move or what direction you’re facing, a microphone will pick up your voice. So now an idea can be heard from anywhere – the back of the room, in front of a display or even the other side of the continent. The HDL300 is this and more. It is an intelligent system that can tell the difference between multiple people speaking and distracting background noises. You hear what you need to hear. Remote participants feel like they’re right there with their team for a more natural sense of communication.

Our clients remind us every day that remote collaboration has become the norm.  Interacting with data, not simply sharing for others to view, increases the effectiveness of these interactions. But, we have all learned the hard way, that without clear audio, frustration and disengagement take over. Whether it’s working together on a design, splitting stories, reviewing construction plans, or collaborating with a class across the globe, the HDL300 gives everyone the opportunity to be heard. It truly feels as though you are in the room together.

SMART kapp iQ + Pro

SMART is a technology for people who share and develop ideas. These ideas can start with a quick note on an easy-to-use digital

As processes demand, other teams progress to the Meeting Pro Software and SMART Ink. This enables the ability to write in any application, whether it be PDF, PowerPoint or industry-specific software like AutoCAD. SMART offers multiple use cases within various organizations. For some, sharing ideas, locally or globally, in an unbound workspace is sufficient to enhance their workflow. Our collaborative needs assessment will identify how the technology would support your different business processes. Use of the solution and development of specific use cases will follow.


WolfVision Cynap

Cynap™ collaboration and wireless presentation system is a unique, powerful, and flexible system that gives you instant access to information of all types from any source. Bring your own device, and have files at your fingertips, stream any format, browse the web, record content, capture your big ideas through whiteboard and annotation, or webcast to collaborate.

We will explore your use cases, help you choose and adopt the features you require to share your knowledge and collaborate with others, ranging from introductory awareness sessions to the challenges you face as your needs transform. We excel at co-planning room functionality, rethinking collaboration spaces and supporting users.



Moving forward together.

Learn how Phi Services can help shape the collaborative behaviors that lead you to new ways to work and learn together.

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