Persistent content

Always there for you

Ideation thrives when teams have the benefit of persistence – the ability to see a lot of ideas and inputs simultaneously during the creative process. Fill the ultrawide canvas with all your team’s ideas. See the entire canvas and all its content anytime, anywhere. It’s a recipe for creativity and collaboration. 

Digital engagement

Your ideas, working for you

Move beyond the familiar process of collaborating with sticky notes and flip charts and go digital. Capture notes and images as artifacts you can edit and manipulate. Share, group and iterate concepts effortlessly. Incorporate real-time contributions from remote colleagues. Step back to see the big picture. Keep iterating. It’s really that easy. 

Panoramic display

Put your walls to work

The difference between a good idea and a game changer? Space – for possibilities to unfurl, proliferate, mushroom and merge. Interact with ideas on an industry-leading 10' or 20' (3.1 or 6.1 m) panoramic display with software that provides 40' (12.2 m) of digital workspace. Transform any group space into a virtual playing field for exploration.

Active collaboration

More is more

More ideas yield more possibilities. Harness the creative energy of collaborating in place. Ideate seamlessly alongside your teammates on the digital canvas. Incorporate real-time input from team members working on their devices. Share the Span system with other teams that work in the same meeting room. 

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Span software links three displays to create a first-of-its-kind immersive environment. The surround experience is created by three panoramic projectors installed on adjoining walls and enabled by a multidisplay setup tool in Span software.