Technology is not the answer, but it plays a role in how your people become more creative, innovative and successful.


Our Consultative Solution Approach

The key is, if you are bringing in new tech, your people need to know how to use it. (Sounds obvious, but it’s so often missed.) The right consulting makes the difference — and by that we mean consulting for all the ways your people actually do their jobs. That could be in teams, at the office, offsite, anywhere on the globe, on all devices. We create consulting for your people, your processes, and all the places and ways they work. We’ll get you on a positive path to your individual definition of success. 

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Below is a collaborative consulting solution Phi Services developed and provided for a global specialty chemicals company. They are deploying interactive touch technology in their newly designed and built headquarters facility. They want their users ready from Day 1 to use the solution effectively:

1)  Discovery

  • Initial call(s) – Listen to the client’s interests and requirements. Learn about their audience and the context for collaboration. Understand the technology available.
  • Identify the Audience – All business users in their new Headquarters facility

2)  Delivery (3 days)

  • Group Collaboration Facilitation (1 day)
    • Awareness Sessions – Scheduled for Opening Day. Build interest and desire for the solution with the target audience. Show them clear value for the solution.
  • General Core Usability (2 days)
    • Features and Functions (1 day)
    • High level use case development (½ day)
    • Supporting Business Processes (½ day)

3)  Retrospective

  • Evaluation of the implementation
  • Executive Summary
  • Analysis & Next Steps – develop a long-term plan for successful implementation


Maintain Momentum

Build on previous sessions and audience experiences with the solution since its introduction. Resolve open questions and develop deeper skills. The following sessions were held onsite with the client 6 weeks after the initial delivery. We also hold monthly follow-up calls with the client.

  • Group Collaboration Facilitation (2 days)
    • Explore the Solution – in depth (½ day)
    • Introduction to Design Thinking (½ day)
    • Negotiation Essentials (full day)
  • Follow up – Monthly check-in and status calls