Consulting Services

Phi Services provides collaboration consulting services, combining collaboration technology with the processes that help collaboration work effectively. We work with Business and Education customers to understand the solutions they have and how these solutions can become an integral part of how they work.

The process of discovering, purchasing and learning to use collaboration solutions typically includes these elements:

  • Sales support -- Assist in the sales process to help clients understand the solutions and what would work best
    • We also have expertise with verticals such as AEC that have specific requirements and require extra attention
  • Solution design -- Help identify which hardware and software components can best meet their needs
  • Implementation strategies -- Provide technical expertise to make sure installation is a success
  • Adoption strategies -- Help clients make the most of their investment and grow the solution within their organization
    •  Awareness
    • Training
    • Use case consulting
    • Follow-up

SMART Solutions Services

  • SMART training for Educational settings
    • SMART Notebook
    • SMART Response
    • SMART Table
    • SMART Certified Trainer (SCT)
  • SMART training for Enterprise and Corporate settings
    • SMART Visual Collaboration Solutions (VCS)
    • SMART Meeting Pro
    • SMART Room System (SRS) for Microsoft Lync
  • SMART Factory Trained Technician (SFTT) training
  • SMART Factory Trained Installer (SFTI) training
  • SMART technical diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • SMART technical consulting
  • SMART use case consulting
  • Executive SMART training and consulting
  • SMART optimization
  • Adoption Planning

Collaboration Services

  • Virtual team collaboration
  • Multi-location team consulting
  • Workflow optimization
  • Network design
  • Process Management
  • Remote team management
  • Global team collaboration
  • Global training delivery
  • Global compliance and assurance delivery
  • Virtual sales training
  • Virtual product development
  • Quality control improvement

Business and Sustainability Writing