Case Studies

Apparel Design

Business Challenge – The 16-week design cycle for a division of a global apparel designer and manufacturer demanded significant team member travel for meetings to achieve the level of collaboration required  for success. The process generated foam core mounted cut sheets of prospective clothing lines to provide a format for edits and changes. These boards were then shipped to numerous locations around the globe for additional edits by remote team members.

Solution -- Pen-based touch displays and a dynamic distance collaboration platform were deployed, permitting the following:

  • Remote annotation and editing capabilities for users in off-site locations
  • Elimination of hard-copy foam core cut cheets
  • Mark-up of cut sheet content using pen-based touch displays and digital collaboration tools that team members already use in their current design process


  • 25% improvement in time to market, from 16 weeks to 12 weeks
  • $15,000 reduction in travel expenses per design cycle
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • More collaborative and interactive design process
  • Team member involvement in the design process for those not able to participate in real time in the past, through the use of distance collaboration technologies

Engineering and Construction

Business Challenge – This construction and engineering company has projects in progress globally, and requires communication of project-related information between remote job sites and the home office. Significant amounts of project data need to be reviewed on an on-going basis. Building Information Modeling (BIM) data is managed throughout each project.

Solution – Implement a method for sharing project data between job sites and the home office easily and efficiently:

  • Multiple interactive touch display systems are deployed in a project trailer on each job site.
  • These job site systems connect with similar systems in the home office for regular project meetings to share content between sites across all 3 displays.
  • Review of Bill of Materials content, Project Plans, and BIM data with the home office in real time on multiple displays simultaneously. 


  • Real-time data updates with the home office provides up-to-date status information for all projects
  • More frequent review of BIM data prevents errors through the use of conflict or 'clash detection' and avoiding costly construction conflicts 

Maritime Shipping and Certification

Business Challenge – A shipping certification organization based in Germany has audit teams who collect and collaborate on data for customer projects. Much of the data is managed in spreadsheet files, and updates are handled manually by emailing copies to multiple team members, then collecting and collating responses. 

Solution – A collaboration platform was deployed to permit team members to view and collaborate on a single copy of project data and coordinate updates as an interactive team.

  • A real-time collaboration platform was implemented
  • Team members could share a single copy of the data and all members could participate in interactive updates


  • Reduced collation errors by eliminating multiple data set copies
  • Data updated in hours instead of days
  • Improved accuracy and completion time by permitting collaborative data analysis and updates